October 23, 2013 Meeting

"The U.S. Marines at the Battle of Bull Run: Emending the Record" by David M. Sullivan


David M. Sullivan, Fellow of The Company of Military Historians and recipient of its Distinguished Service Award, received his B.A. in Military History from the University of Massachusetts in 1993. Mr. Sullivan is an award winning author with over seventy articles dealing with The United States Marine Corps, the Confederate States Marine Corps, and the Confederate States Navy published in Civil War Times Illustrated and numerous other publications. His four-volume "The United States Marine Corps in the Civil War" (1997-2000) places the Marine Corps in its rightful place beside the most famous units of the American Civil War. "He has produced an encyclopedic yet readable historical account that documents the Marine Corps' splendid service, dispelling incorrect notions and correcting erroneous assumptions," noted Foundation President Lt. Gen. Ron Christmas, USMC (Ret.) "…the standard by which all other Civil War accounts must be judged."

Mr. Sullivan is the co-author of "The Civil War Uniforms of the United States Marine Corps - The Regulations of 1859" (2009). He edited, revised, annotated, and expanded Ralph W. Donnelly’s 1984 version of "Biographical Sketches of the Commissioned Officers of the Confederate States Marine Corps" (2002) and has been the editor of "Military Collector & Historians", the journal of the Company of Military Historians, from 1999 to the present, and since 2000 has held the position of administrator of that organization.

Numerous authors have disparaged the performance of the Marines in the Battle of Bull Run.


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