May 27, 2015

May 27, 2015 Meeting

Thomas Y. Cartwright,


is well known for his tours and descriptions on the battle of Franklin, TN.  He will speak on “The Battle of Franklin” with Special Emphasis on the Missourians Who Fought on Both Sides.

Thomas Cartwright, is one of the nation’s leading authorities on the Battle of Franklin.  You’ve seen him on the History Channel, Discovery and The Learning Channel. Now he can be your personal  guide as you "walk" with him over the battlefield and hear the stories of some of the bravest men in history – the soldiers of the Battle of Franklin.

Cartwright, well-known internationally for his knowledge and passion for the Civil War and the Battle of Franklin,

The Battle of Franklin was fought on November 30, 1864, at Franklin, Tennessee, as part of the Franklin–Nashville Campaign of the American Civil War. It was one of the worst disasters of the war for the Confederate States Army. Confederate Lt. Gen. John Bell Hood's Army of Tennessee conducted numerous frontal assaults against fortified positions occupied by the Union forces under Maj. Gen. John M. Schofield and was unable to break through or to prevent Schofield from a planned, orderly withdrawal to Nashville.

The Confederate assault of six infantry divisions containing eighteen brigades with 100 regiments numbering almost 20,000 men, sometimes called the "Pickett's Charge of the West", resulted in devastating losses to the men and the leadership of the Army of Tennessee—fourteen Confederate generals (six killed or mortally wounded, seven wounded, and one captured) and 55 regimental commanders were casualties. After its defeat against Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas in the subsequent Battle of Nashville, the Army of Tennessee retreated with barely half the men with which it had begun the short offensive, and was effectively destroyed as a fighting force for the remainder of the war.

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