Why can't we do things the way we did it in the past.

This is a comment from your web master as to why things change.


This is a question that is always being raised with changes that go on because of computers.  Having been in the computer field for over 40 years (and yes I go back to the machine language of ones and zeroes),  this question of "why do we have to have change" or "why can't we do it the way we always have" is asked.


Let me take you on a nostalgia trip for a moment.


You probably have an HD TV that you are watching.  If you are going to buy a new one today, that is all that is available on the market be it LED, Plasma, 2D or 3D.   Well, that change in TV was because of change. 

Why don't we just go back to the good old days before TV with cable or satellite and enjoy the channels that we had, 2, 4, 5, 9, 11, and 30.  But the good old days was before that.


So let’s just go back to the days of black/white and before glorious color.  Now that still was not the good old days, because this was the result of change and we don't like change.


So once again, we go back in time to just channel 5 and when TV started at 4:30 p.m. with Howdy Dowdy followed by Texas Bruce and then Huntley/Brinkley news.  Boy, those were the good old days, but hold on, why this change of where we had to get our entertainment/news.  


Radio, is where we should find the good old days with Fibber McGee and Molly, but even radio was change so the good old days had to be before radio.  


That's it, it was when we sat around the family piano or parlor organ for family sing-a-longs.   But once again, that was due to change, so it must have been when we were ploughing the fields with the horse, and hunting and fishing for food.  Long before electricity, gas/electric heat, cars to drive in and grocery stores to get our food.  


By now, I think you get the point.  To grow, to improve, to expand, we must have change.


Change for change sake, does nothing, but change for improvement moves people forward.


Now back to the web site.


There are volunteers that are working hard to make the organization great for everyone.  They are doing this because they want this organization to succeed.


Think about the reservations.  You call and interrupt the person to make that reservation.  Boy, that call was convenient for you but probably was not for the person you just called.  

Plus, their phone number is on the World Wide Web - would you like your phone number there?  Even in the Bushwhacker, would you like your phone number for anyone that finds that paper to be able to call you and use reverse phone number to find out where you live?

If you send an email, but may forget to include something that the person might need to complete this reservation.  There is no set order so this person has to decipher what you mean.

If you mail the reservation in but leave out information, more guessing.  In some cases, you might have more information that is needed so the person has to weed though this to figure out what is really needed.


By having a standard form, we only ask for the bare amount of information and don't want to burden you with supplying unnecessary information.  We do want to give you the opportunity to give us additional information that you feel we should know so that is part of the form.


Change is a part of life, otherwise, right now, you would not be reading this but would rather be out trying to catch your food, trying not to get sick from all of the diseases, and hoping that you survive another day because there is no medical science.


Suggestions should be constructive so that we can improve.  That is the goal of this WEB SITE.  


I can tell you right now, I can come up with several design changes and then once those are in place find more changes. NAMELY, a never ending series of changing.


Again, everyone that is involved in this web site, wants this site to be the most up-to-date, informative ,and easiest site to maneuver.  We hope you will visit this site at least weekly, if not daily, to get information about things happening around the area about the civil war.


This is from your web master - ONLY and I thank you for being patient.