Lost my login, password

I don't remember my login and or password.  How do I recover this.

You can go to the contact page (click here) and fill in the form letting us know that you do not have the information.  We will then send you this information.  This is part of the service we provide since you are a valued member.  Keep in mind that this is a volunteer organization and this is not monitored daily so give us a couple of days.

What can I do to try to prevent this from happening in the future?

Below are the steps you can take for the computer to remember the login and password.


- Please do not do this if you are on a public computer.  Thank you. -

If you do not want to have to remember the "user name" and "password", be sure to check the box "Remember my credentials" after you fill in the information and before you click on the OK box.  The same login works with the latest "Bushwhacker" and Trivia member sections.
Again, please make sure that you do check the box if you want your computer to remember your login.
If you forgot your login/password, please go to the contact tab (or click here) and fill out the form.  The login/password will be sent to you if you are a member.  Please allow a couple of days, since this is a volunteer review.