How do I view this web site
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This site has been verified using Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 10.  This is the very latest version offered at this time by Microsoft.
If you want to upgrade to this version, go to and find the download tab.  Click on this and another screen will appear.  Find the Internet Browser and follow the instructions supplied by Microsoft.
This is a Micrsoft product and is in no way connected to this site.



What else can I do before I download a new browser (version)?

This is the top of the Internet Explorer (IE) where you enter www.websitename.(and the extension, like com, or org, biz).  Look right under the "red X" and the "Wheel".
This bigger picture of just the right corner might help you see the "wheel".
That is called the tool button.  Put your cursor on this and click.  Another dialog box will open that should show the word zoom.  Put the cursor on this and then another dialog box opens that will give you a variety of sizes in which to you the internet.  We are set at 100%.  Any other setting will result in a different way of seeing the screens.  If you click on 100%, then any new screens that you look at will all be at 100%, not just this site.  You can easily change back to the setting you current have by repeating this setting.