How do I read, print, save the newsletter - Bushwhacker?

I clicked on a newsletter and got not found or garbage.

1.   Try clicking on the newsletter again. 

2.  Clear the "cache" in the browser and then click on the newsletter again.

3.  Close the browser and reopen.  Go back to the site and the newsletter and try again.

If all of this fails, you can contact us and lets us know the problem you are having.

Click on the tab called Newsletters.  This will open this window so you can see all of the Bushwhackers that are available on line.


I you are a member, you can also click on the members only area.  This will open a box that will ask you for your login and password.  These are only given to members and are changed on a yearly basis.  This is part of the membership fee to see the current Bushwhacker.  Enter the login and password and if correct, will open a window to let you get to the latest edition.


Click on the month (under the appropriate year) and a PDF will open in another window.


This is the Bushwhacker for that month and year.


Read this as you have in the past.  There is no difference in this coming from the web site or in you email except this will not take up space in you email box.

But I want to print this copy so that I have a paper copy that I can keep in my files.

As it turns out, depending on the BROWSER you are using and the version, there are now at least two possibilities of print/save.  (There maybe more, and when found, will be added.) 

As you get near the bottom you will see the following items.
Please take note of the picture below.  This is the one that you can either print or save to your computer.

The item that looks like a disk is the one to click on to save this edition of the Bushwhacker.  You should then select the directory that you want to same this and type in the name if you want to change it.  By having distinct names, you can keep all of the copies.


If you want to print this, then the second item that looks like a printer is how you print this out.


The print is to large, can I make it smaller?  Yes you can by clicking on the "minus" in the bar.


How do I make the print larger?  Just click on the "plus" sign and the print will get larger.

When you click on the PDF, you may also see that the Adobe Reader has been opened.  You can tell this by the screen shot below.
Well, the "Save to disk" icon did not work.  So what can I try next?
You can also open the "File" and it will have the option to print and save.
If this does not work, right now, I can not think of another option.

Again, remember, the newsletters are on the site and you can always look at these  by going to our site, then the newsletter.  Of course, for the current one, you must be a member and have the password.

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