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Sun. March 19th -- 1:30 PM -- Free -- MHM-- AT&T
Mon. March 20th -- 10:30 AM -- Lee Auditorium

Meriwether Lewis:
The Assassination of an American Hero
and the Silver Mines of Mexico

Why didn't Meriwether Lewis's two best friends, Thomas Jefferson and William Clark, investigate his death? Author Kira Gale, who accuses General James Wilkinson and lead mine operator John T. Smith of organizing Lewis's assassination, provides evidence of cover-ups and motive. 

Book signings follow presentations. Books will be available for purchase in the Museum Shop.

Same program offered on both days.

This is the Missouri History Museum where you can find pictures and other information of the Civil War in Missouri.  There is also more than just the Civil War items at this site since this is a history museum.

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Even though this is not about the Civil War, you might be interested in this also

The 1904 World's Fair: Looking Back at Looking Forward
Looking South to Festival Hall. Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Oil on canvas by
The 1904 World's Fair: Looking Back at Looking Forward
Continuing Exhibit

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On April 30, 1904,  Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company President David R. Francis officially opened the Louisiana Purchase Exposition  also known as the 1904  World's Fair  with the call, "Open ye gates. Swing wide, ye portals." A magnificent spectacle greeted the opening day crowd of 200,000 a  dazzling city stood on what had been a woodland park. Fair organizers had erected nearly 1,500 buildings including several grand "palaces" across 1,200 acres of a newly redesigned Forest Park.