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Revamped Visitor’s Center at Fort Donelson National Battlefield


The visitor’s center at Fort Donelson National Battlefield has been completely revamped and is open to the public.  The old museum closed in August and everything was removed and replaced with new state of the art exhibits that greatly enhance the interpretation of the battle there.  The new exhibit begins with a wall of faces that were involved in the campaign which match to a set of cards that the visitor receives and uses to scan at each stop.  Upon scanning, the audio program begins telling the visitor what happened to the person involved or what that particular exhibit interprets.  A key part of the display is a full scale replica of a gun deck of the City Class ironclad, designed to show the visitor what these vessels were like.  Across the room is a full scale replica of an earthwork at Fort Donelson showing how it was constructed.  Displays of weapons and more still abound along one wall including the Medal of Honor won by Voltaire Twombley of the 2nd Iowa Infantry for planting the regiment’s colors on the earthworks of the fort on February 15th, 1862.  In the center is a map table with flip open event tablets telling what happened at certain times of the battle.  Above the room is a circular time line that places Donelson into the proper context of other Civil War events.


If you have not seen the revised visitor’s center then make plans to do so.  This park and its terrific staff are working hard to make your visit very enjoyable.

Lotz House In Franklin, Tennessee Offers Ed Bearss In Franklin DVD


On a balmy August day in 2013, American Icon, Chief Historian Emeritus of the National Park Service visited Franklin, Tennessee.  Much of his day was spent touring the Lotz House Civil War House Museum. That night, Ed was greeted by more than 200 people who had come to Franklin for the sole purpose of hearing the Living Legend speak! After receiving some special awards and a hearty fried chicken dinner, Ed led those in attendance on a walking tour of the Franklin Battlefield. It was a day and a time no one will ever forget.  Now you can share the memory with the new Ed Bearss in Franklin DVD. 

The DVD is 2 hours long, and edited by our dear friends and Emmy Award Winners, KVC Productions! Stop by the Lotz House or the Civil War show and get your copy!  To order a copy by mail please call (615) 790-7190 or visit their website at www.lotzhouse.comEach DVD is $24.99 plus shipping (Tennessee residents add sales tax).

11th Annual
Was held on March 21-22 2014
Kennesaw State University
Civil War Symposium
“1864, The Western Theater”

An outstanding group of presenters will lecture on a variety of topics having to do with the war in the Western Theater during 1864. These include, William C. Davis who will speak on General John C. Breakinridge, “Trying to Remain a Gentleman in the last gentlemanly theater of the war;” Richard McMurry, “The General in the Jar, Joseph E. Johnston and the Atlanta Campaign.” Steve Woodworth; “A. J. Smith’s Guerrillas and the Battle of Nashville;” Jim Ogden, “Inflicting All the Damage You Can, ‘Sherman’s War Resources’ Target;” and Craig Symonds, “Cleburne’s Memorial, Confederate Emancipation and the Meaning of War.”  All are noted Civil War historians and authors.
The program began on Friday, March 21, at 6 pm with a reception and entertainment by the 97th Regimental String Band. The festivities were held at the Kennesaw State University Center.  The symposium  got under way at 9 am on Saturday, March 22.  This program was also be held at the KSU Center, 3333 Busbee Dr, NW, Kennesaw, Ga.  This is located at Exit 271 right off I-75 in Kennesaw, GA north of Atlanta – only about 4 ½ hours from Clarksville.  They put on a fine seminar so please be sure to support it if you can.
This is a past event

The Friends of Fort Defiance

will host


Saturday June 23, 2012

10 AM to 5 PM



Clarksville, Tennessee

Come join us as history comes alive

Demonstrations include artillery firing, infantry drill,

cartridge rolling, children’s games, 19th century medicine, and more.