We are under a new web site with all new hosting.
So what does this mean?    
We hope you enjoy the new site and new look and we look forward to the new and exciting changes that will be available over the next few months.
One of the changes is the electronic reservations and membership forms.  This is to make it more convient for everyone to use and for us receiving the information immediately.
You no longer have to copy and paste an email address (or click on the email and have the wrong program i.e. Outlook, that you may not be using) into the mail program you are using.
No longer will you have to guess what we need to help us in the reservaton area.  It is all spelled out for you to just fill in the blanks.
We have added a help tab and this will be enhanced as we see areas that we can provide some help to the viewers of this site.  We want to help you as much as possible when viewing our site.
If you look at the Newsletters tab, you will see that we now explain why we do not have all 12 months of newsletters.  We did this so that anyone new to this site will not think we forgot to include some of the newletters.
There is a tab for more information of a meeting on a specific date.  This will allow for us to have several meeting dates shown for your  convenience.  There will also be tabs for any special occasions aside from the normal meetings.  Look for these new tabs - example would be special trips.
We are excited to bring this new look and these new features to you, so please enjoy.