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Left Bank Books is a locally owned and operated store in the St. Louis area.  Not only can you order online, but you can go in a browse through the many books that are available while supporting the local St. Louis economy.


399 North Euclid
St. Louis, Mo 63108 

Monday - Saturday
10:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 6:00pm

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September 24, 2014 - meeting

“Price's Lost Campaign:
The 1864 Invasion of Missouri
(Shades of Blue & Gray)"
by Dr. Mark A. Lause.

Dr. Mark A. Lause, is Professor of History at the University of Cincinnati, and is the author of numerous other books.

In the fall of 1864, during the last brutal months of the Civil War, the Confederates made one final, desperate attempt to rampage through the Shenandoah Valley, Tennessee, and Missouri. Price’s Raid, the common name for the Missouri Campaign led by General Sterling Price, was the last of these attempts. Involving tens of thousands of armed men, the 1864 Missouri Campaign has too long remained unexamined by a book-length modern study but now,  Civil War scholar Mark A. Lause fills this long-standing gap in the literature, providing keen insights on the problems encountered during and the myths propagated about this campaign.

“Price's Lost Campaign:
The 1864 Invasion of Missouri
(Shades of Blue & Gray)"
by Dr. Mark A. Lause. Click here

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January 28, 2015 –  Meeting

“Varina Davis” by Sandi Swift,

St Louis Educator and Living Historian,

a first person account.
Sandi Swift has worked in the St. Louis School systems for 16 years, has reenacted for over 25 years and travels throughout the country at Civil War Reenactments.  She is active in the Hibernian organization, currently a Division and State officer.  Sandi serves as President of the Irish Sister Cities Organization and is a board member of the Missouri River Irish Fest, being the chair of the Cultural events and currently their grant writer. Her love of history and remarkable resemblance to Varina Davis sparked her interest in the First Lady of the Confederacy.

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 February 25, 2015 - Meeting

Lincoln and the Power of the Press: The War for Public Opinion” by Harold Holzer,

Author, Lecturer, and Lincoln Scholar.

HAROLD HOLZER is one of the country's leading authorities on Abraham Lincoln and the political culture of the Civil War era. A prolific writer and lecturer, and frequent guest on television, Holzer serves as chairman of The Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation, successor organization to the U. S. Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission (ALBC), to which he was appointed by President Clinton in 2000, and co-chaired from 2001–2010. President Bush, in turn, awarded Holzer the National Humanities Medal in 2008. And in 2013, he wrote an essay on Lincoln for the official program at the re-inauguration of President Barack Obama. He is serving currently as the first Roger Hertog Fellow at The New York Historical Society.
Harold Holzer's book
Lincoln and the Power of the Press: The War for Public Opinion”
won the 2015 Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize.  It is a prize for the finest scholarly work in English on Abraham Lincoln or the American Civil War Era.

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“Lincoln believed that ‘with public sentiment nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed.’ Harold Holzer makes a significant contribution to our understanding of Lincoln’s leadership by showing us how deftly he managed his relations with the press of his day to move public opinion forward to preserve the Union and abolish slavery.” —Doris Kearns Goodwin
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March 25, 2015 – Meeting

“The Confederate's Fighting Chaplain, Fr. John B. Bannon”, by James Gallen.
James Gallen is the Chairman of the Military History Club of the Missouri Athletic Club and a member of the William T. Sherman/Billy Yank Camp of the Sons of Union Veterans.
Father Bannon was a St. Louis pastor and chaplin of the First Confederate Brigade.  President Jefferson Davis appointed him as envoy to Pope Pius IX and the Irish people.  After the Civil War he was a prominent member of the Jesuit community in his native Ireland. His career reflected the deep division in St. Louis, the impact of European attitudes towards the struggle and its lingering effects on the lives of its survivors.
Father John B. Bannon: Confederate Chaplain and Diplomat - See more at:
Father John B. Bannon: Confederate Chaplain and Diplomat Published Sunday, January 16, A.D. 2011 | By Donald R. McClarey
There were a great many brave men during the Civil War, but I think it is a safe wager that none were braver than Father John B. Bannon.  Born on January 29, 1829 in Dublin, Ireland, after he was ordained a priest he was sent in 1853 to Missouri to minister to the large Irish population in Saint Louis.  In 1858 he was appointed pastor of St. John’s parish on the west side of the city.  Always energetic and determined, he was instrumental in the construction Saint John the Apostle and Evangelist church.  Out of his hectic schedule he somehow found time to become a chaplain in the Missouri Volunteer Militia and became friends with many soldiers who, unbeknownst to them all, would soon be called on for something other than peaceful militia drills.  In November 1860 he marched with the Washington Blues under the command of Captain Joseph Kelly to defend the state from Jayhawkers from “Bleeding Kansas”. - See more at:

In November 1860 he marched with the Washington Blues under the command of Captain Joseph Kelly to defend the state from Jayhawkers from “Bleeding Kansas”. - See more at: (Click Here)

April 22, 2015 - Meeting

 "The Murder of Bull Nelson"
by Rob Girardi
Chicago Homicide Detective, Author, and Historian .

On September 29th, 1862, a Union army general literally got away with murder.


At 6-4 and 300 pounds, General William “Bull” Nelson may have been the biggest general in the war. And by all accounts, his foul temper matched his size. The native Kentuckian and prewar naval officer had been promoted to general by President Lincoln, and at this time in 1862 was trying to organize the

defenses of Louisville, Kentucky, against a threatened attack by General Braxton Bragg’s Confederate army.

Robert Girardi earned his M.A. in Public History at Loyola University of Chicago in 1991. He is a past president of the Civil War Round Table of Chicago and a past vice president  and newsletter editor of the Salt Creek Civil War Round Table.

He is a fellow of the Company of Military Historians and is an associate member of the Sons of Union Veterans. He is on the editorial review board of the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society and was the guest editor of the 2011-2014 Civil War Sesquicentennial issues. He was the winner of the 2010 Chicago Civil War Round Table's prestigious Nevins-Freeman Award. In 2012 he was named to the board of directors of the Illinois State Historical Society, and in 2013 joined the board of directors of the Camp Douglas Restoration Society. IN 2014 he was awarded the Milwaukee Civil War Round Table's Iron Brigade Association Award for Civil War scholarship.

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May 27, 2015 Meeting

Thomas Cartwright, Historian, TBD Cartwright is well known for his tours and descriptions on the battle of Franklin TN, but I think we may have Thomas give his first person life of a soldier, Sam Watkins of Company H, which Is considered as probably the best autobiography of the common soldier during the civil war.

This picture is of Sam Watlins of Company H

Sam Watkins of Company H - background

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