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The Civil War Round Table of St Louis is a not-for-profit organization for anyone interested in the factual history of the American Civil War era (1861 - 1865).  We are located in St Louis, Mo.  Our meetings about the Civil War include dinner, experts on the Civil War, as well as a social get together for friendly discussions of the Civil War and a trivia contest.  Or, if you prefer, you can come to our speaker's Civil War presentation only. 
We welcome all who are interested in the Civil War whether they live in the metro St. Louis, Missouri or Illinois  area or just visiting. 
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Wed. Jan. 25, 2017 Meeting

Molly Kodner,

"My Dear Molly: The Civil War Letters 

of Captain James Love"

Upon the outbreak of the Civil War, James E. Love enlisted as a sergeant in the United States Reserve Corps, and left St. Louis with his fellow Union soldiers on June 15, 1861. The following day, James sent the first of many letters home to Eliza Mary “Molly” Wilson, the beloved fiancée he left behind. A prolific writer, James continued to write to her, 160 letters in all, for the duration of his Civil War service.
Molly Kodner, Archivist at the Missouri Historical Society, will read excerpts from James’s letters regarding his Civil War service and the great love story of James and Molly, which also evolves throughout the letters


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Join us for a Friendly & Fun Evening of Civil War History!

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Civil War Trivia
Fanny Kemble, a famous British actress, became an anti-slavery plantation owner.  In 1834, she retired from the stage to marry Pierce Mease Butler, an American and heir to a large cotton, tobacco and rice fortune.  They became slaveholders when Butler inherited his grandfather's sea island plantations along with several hundred slaves. 

Fanny accompanied him to Georgia during the winter of 1838-39, and was shocked by the conditions of the slaves and their treatment.  It was the main reason for their divorce 15 years later.

Fanny returned to acting in order to make a living, but remained close to her two daughters, one of whom became the mother of novelist Owen Wister.  

Butler squandered a fortune estimated at $700,000, but was saved from bankruptcy by the sale of his 436 slaves at Ten Broeck racetrack, outside Savannah, Georgia.  This was the largest single slave auction in American history.

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There were six million cases of disease within the troops, meaning that, on average, each soldier
contracted at least two diseases.
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Confederate President Jefferson C. Davis's first wife was Sallie Knox Taylor, daughter of President

Words of Wisdom:

"Act with determination
not to be turned aside
by thoughts of the past
and fears of the future"

-- Robert E. Lee

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