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The Civil War Round Table of St Louis is a not-for-profit organization for anyone interested in the factual history of the American Civil War era (1861 - 1865).  We are located in St Louis, Mo.  Our meetings about the Civil War include dinner, experts on the Civil War, as well as a social get together for friendly discussions of the Civil War and a trivia contest.  Or, if you prefer, you can come to our speaker's Civil War presentation only. 
We welcome all who are interested in the Civil War whether they live in the metro St. Louis, Missouri or Illinois  area or just visiting. 
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September 23, 2015 – Meeting

"Red Battle Shirt of Gen. A. P. Hill"

Patrick Falci

Actor / Performing Historian


Pat Falci gained fame not only for his role as the General A.P. Hill, from Gettysburg, but also as director/screenwriter Ron Maxwell’s historical advisor for both that movie and Gods and Generals. Pat provided casting director Joy Todd and the actors with photographs and research for both films and even scouted out locations in Maryland and took Maxwell on a Stonewall Jackson tour of Civil War battlefields and other historical sites. Pat, a native of Astoria, served as Jeff Shaara’s historical advisor, providing research and tours of Civil War sites portrayed in his books, and vetted John Jakes’s manuscripts for On Secret Service and Charleston, at its editor’s request.


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Join us for a Friendly & Fun Evening of Civil War History!

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Civil War Trivia


Union Maj Samuel Davis Sturgis would be promoted to Brigadier General and fight in the Eastern Theatre until he was transferred back to the west and made Chief of Cavalry July 1863. Badly beaten by Nathan Bedford Forrest at Brice's Crossroads, he would serve the remainder of the war awaiting orders. Later, he fought Indians in the west, and commanded the 7th Cavalry until 1886.

Sturgis, South Dakota was named in his honor. His son would follow his father into the military and join the 7th US Cavalry. As a lieutenant he would be assigned to George Custer's forces, and die at Little Big Horn. Samuel Sturgus would die in St Paul, MN in Sept 1889 and is buried in the Arlington National Cemetery. Sturgis knew many of the men he was fighting at Wilson's Creek, having been stationed in Arkansas at the outbreak of war. Col James McIntosh was a captain in his command there.

Frederick W Benteen, who was an unassigned participant, would survive the war and become famous for his riff with George Custer. This dislike between the two men probably saved Benteen's life, for on the day Custer marched his troops toward what would become the infamous Little Big Horn Battlefield, Benteen had been dispatched by Custer on a scouting mission.

Many historian's believe Custer did this to keep Benteen away from the battle.


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Words of Wisdom:

"Act with determination
not to be turned aside
by thoughts of the past
and fears of the future"

-- Robert E. Lee


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